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Why not tell your local energy company to take a hike? You can start generating your own solar power and drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric bill permanently. Our partner solar installation companies can install a solar panel system with virtually no out of pocket costs to you. Going solar is a win-win as it helps both the environment and keeps more of your hard earned money in your wallet!

USA Solar Install help connects homeowners to qualified solar contractors in your city. Our pre-screening process ensures that consumers are introduced to the premier contractor for their solar installation job. If you need to find a reputable solar power contractor, we’ll point you to the best. Our goal is to help make alternative energy available to everyone by introducing you to our partner solar energy equipment providers. We want you to get out from under your crippling monthly energy bills by transitioning to clean and green solar energy for your home.

Our solar energy contractors work with all the top-rated solar power brand names. Whether your job includes repairs or a new installation, our contractors have you covered. Each contractor is pre-screened, experienced and local to your area. You will receive competitive quotes from several contractors in the network, and you can choose which one to work with. Obtaining a solar quote is free, and you have no obligation to purchase if you don’t find a contractor that meets your needs. CLICK HERE to learn more today!

Free Nationwide Online Home Solar Energy Quotes

Get your FREE PERSONALIZED QUOTE now and see how much you can save by switching to solar power. Get in touch with one of our partner solar installers today for your free, no obligation solar energy system quote. Our partners can customize a system to meet your energy needs online and over the phone – no home visit required in most cases. All quoted packages are uniquely engineered to achieve peak energy production, maximize available tax credits, and ultimately shrink your electric bill.

Increase the Value of Your Home
Protect Against Rising Energy Costs
Save Up to 80% off Your Current Utility Bill
No Obligation to Buy
Experience Clean & Reliable Home Energy
No Money Down Purchase and Lease Options
Help Contribute to Cleaner Environment
Local Savings Programs

Nationwide Solar Power Government Incentives & Tax Rebates

2015-2016 Solar Rebates are now available! Get in touch with one of our partner solar installation companies today and find which solar rebates you may be eligible for. Limited time U.S. Government sponsored rebates are available now and you may be able to claim a 30% Federal Tax credit upon installation of your brand new solar panel system.

All solar energy installation quotes are completely personalized so pricing and savings will vary based on location, system size, government rebates and local utility rates. CLICK HERE to speak with a knowledgeable representative and find out which government sponsored rebates and tax credits you’re eligible for!